Model 5

For those seeking a one-tool- option, the Model 5 is it.

Cutright Knives Model 5 Specs-01

The Model 5 features a full 5” blade, long enough to baton average logs and enters into the realm of fighting knives. At 3/16” thick, it’s up to most tasks including medium prying. The Model 5 features a strong clip point that is durable but fine enough promote penetration. Just because the Model 5 is Spartan, doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. The handle is thinner but still features all the contours and palm swell necessary to give good purchase on your grip. Due to its intended use, the Model 5 features three Corby bolts instead of the standard two to ensure durability. Pouch style sheath accommodates the Model 5. Sheath sold separately.

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