Model 4

The Model 4 will take care of those big jobs.
“Get to the Choppa!”

Cutright Knives Model 4 Specs-01

A fusion between the enep blade of Thailand, the Bolo machete, and the ergonomic handles of Scandinavia, the Model 4 is a full ¼” thick heavy duty blade. Often there is a trade-off with forward weight blades and the comfort and ergonomics of their handles…not so with the Model 4. Made to be used all day it is at home clearing trails, building natural shelters, and breaking down game for the cooler. The handle is currently made exclusively of Micarta for durability and stability. It features all the comfy contours for which Cutright Knives are known. Additionally, a lanyard hole has been added at the request of serious users and is now featured on all Model 4’s. The blade is a full ¼” thick and is made of differentially hardened 1095. With an edge hardness of about 57 Rockwell Hardness C-scale (HRC) and a spine hardness of approximately 45 HRC, this is one tough blade. The grind is thin enough to achieve good penetration in hardwoods but stout enough to not fear breakage. Once again, the point is in-line with the center of the handle. The Model 4 now has its own dedicated handmade sheath. Sheath sold separately.

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