What kind of steel is used for your knives and why?

1080 and 1095 high carbon steel is preferred for several reasons. I use 1080 on all knives except for the Model 4, which is made of 1095.

These steels are used for their ability to take and hold a decent edge while still being easy to sharpen in the field, which is a serious consideration for those who rely on their blades. Also, both steels respond well to being differentially hardened. All knives other than the Model 4 will have an edge hardness of

58/59 HRC and a spine hardness of 52 HRC (hard on the edge and springy on the spine). The Model 4 will have an edge hardness of 57/58 HRC and a spine hardness of 45.

What materials are used for the handles?

I really like the durability and appearance of Dymondwood. Unfortunately, the company that produces it burned down in August of 2014 and it is becoming scarce. I still use what stock I have and am currently sourcing a similar product.

I also offer natural cuts of wood that I have stabilized in-house. If you’re not familiar with stabilized wood, it looks and feels like real wood (because it is!) but has been injected with polymers to lessen warpage, expansion, and contraction that can cause the handle scales to crack or otherwise fail.

Micarta is also a wonderful handle material. Although many consider it bland, I personally enjoy its muted toned. In regards to stability, there are very few materials that are superior. It’s is the only handle material I will put on the Model 4 given the shock it can endure.

For full tang knives, Corby bolts and G-Flex epoxy are used to attach the handles. Corby bolts are actual bolts that screw together but look like pins when the handle is finished. They are superior to pins and rivets. The G-Flex epoxy is one of the best on the market for knives. It has an excellent shear strength and flex range to ensure that vibration does not cause undue wear to the handle.

Any natural handle material (wood, bone, horn, and antler) has the capability of warping, cracking, swelling, or contracting causing sometimes unsightly cracks or changing the feel. Please understand that this is normal and will not be covered under any warranty.

Where are the materials sourced?

I take the time to source materials locally, ensuring that as many components are made in the U.S.A. as possible. I’m proud to say that at this time they all are. The steel is made and purchased in Illinois, the handle material comes from several states including right here in Missouri. The Corby rivets are machined in Texas. Even the epoxy, G-Flex from West Systems, is made in Michigan.

My knife is changing colors / has rust! What do I do?

Your knife is made of high carbon steel and not stainless steel. It will rust if not cared for. Often, all that is needed is a quick cleaning after you’ve used it. Oil it periodically. I prefer mineral oil or vegetable oil if I’m using my knife for food or skinning. If it’s just for general use, Strikehold is a wonderful product that leaves a dry film on the blade and protects for longer term storage. However, it is not food safe.

The different colors are called a patina and they are as unique as you are. A patina will develop over time as you use your knife. This is normal and, I would add, beautiful.

If rust develops, you can use steel wool and nearly any oil to remove it. Exercise caution as to not cut yourself. My preferred method to remedy rust is to begin with 600 grit sandpaper and simply strop the knife on a mouse pad or thick piece of leather. This will give a nice uniform scratch pattern (satin finish) and will remove the rust. You can use as high of grit sandpaper as you’d like.

What kind of warranty do I get?

It’s simple really. Upon receiving your knife, if you don’t like it, send it back in like-new condition and unused, and I’ll refund your money.

Beyond that, if something fails and it’s my fault I will replace, or repair it, at my discretion. It you abuse your knife beyond it’s intended use, we’ll need to talk. Some things I will repair/replace and some I won’t. Please understand, I’m a reasonable person and I want you to be happy.

To date, I’ve never had a knife returned for any reason.

This warranty follows the knife, regardless of current owner!

Questions? Please contact me at cutrightknives@gmail.com.

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